Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Oh God the heat

Anyone else sweaty? Because I'm experiencing the joys of actually being quite fit and cycling long-distance. Being more fit means you sweat more as your body becomes more adept at cooling itself, cycling long-distance means your body has lots of time to demonstrate its new abilities. Unfortunately this means I spend every cycle coated in a film of water and salt.

When you're moving it's totally fine but every stop at traffic lights brings a wave of horror, realisation at the grossness and heat. Last night I fitted my bottle cage and promptly forgot my bottle of water. I got home with a thumping headache, spots in front of my eyes and feeling so hot I thought my head would explode. Won't be doing that again. After a cold shower and a lie-down I felt considerably better. I then drank a lot of water over the course of the evening.

I'm pleased I'll be dong the trip to Brighton in the evening away from the heat, although rain is now a distinct possibility. How annoying.

Yesterday I brought chocolates in for colleagues to celebrate my official standing as the second most prolific female cyclist in my company, losing out only to J the triathlete. I'm still ridiculously excited by it all, what a loser. But a loser who can cycle Godammit!

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