Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Silence please for Blue Bike, a tribute

CC's Blue Bike has passed to the dirt-track in the sky. A snap in his derailleur proved fatal and the decision was made not to attempt repair.

Blue Bike, or BB to his friends, may have looked like any old scruffy MTB but he was a good bike. Not for him were the annoying regular breakdowns that plague so many owners, he believed in reliability. He introduced CC into a new world of cycling and faithfully carried her to work across many mornings an in all weathers without complaint. BB was as comfortable powering up kerbs as he was nipping to High Street Ken for coffee, and this was typical of his devotion to his owner.

We salute you BB and our loss will be felt for some time.


  1. Poor BB. He was a faithful steed and had an all-time unbeaten record of two - count them - TWO punctures in the 15 months we were together.

    Until he fell apart, like Jacko's nose. Sob.

  2. Here, have a gin and tonic (glug glug fizz). Remember that he was loved and that's all anyone can ask for.