Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Do we need men?

I did it, I replaced Reg's rear brakes and tightened the front ones. I am woman, hear me roar.

It took me an hour and was incredibly fiddly because my rack obscured the relevant allen key bit but I did it. Mr Weenie brought me Ribena and encouragement at regular intervals with tentative enquiries of 'Need any help?' but I was determined to go it alone. I was covered in oil off the floor when I'd finished but I felt hugely smug. Reg's braking is vastly improved and I did it all by myself. I even realigned the rear wheel to make the braking more even while I was at it.

I, Ms Weenie, had eliminated the need for men.

I announced this to Mr Weenie as I strode in victorious. He gave a wry smile and asked how to fix a derailleur. Oh well, one step at a time....

I feel 'empowered' by it all. I hate that word, it's just so twee and rubbish but nothing else really sums it up frankly. I feel so much safer on the roads knowing that I can do minor maintenance and repairs, I feel less of an imposter as well. Who knew two wheels and some metal tubing could change your life.

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