Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The day I beat a semi-pro

My team is doing woefully in the TfL cycle challenge but I have a redeeming member in the form of J. She's an ironwoman triathlon winner and regularly competes in some scarily hardcore events.

She often completes 100 miles in a weekend and yesterday, for five minutes, I pulled to the top and was ahead of her for mileage on my team's leaderboard. It was wonderful and, being the lady she is, she even refrained from putting her new miles on the board until I'd taken a screengrab for posterity.

It didn't last long and J has now overtaken me again by nearly 200 miles because of her training on the weekend but it felt fabulous all the same. Apart from her, I'm the leading lady in my company of 2,000 people when it comes to cycle miles and that's massive. I don't care that she's overtaken me again, to be beaten by the best is nothing to be ashamed of.

In further news I bought a bottle cage and some tyre levers today for the big ride. I'm planning to put the cage on myself. Even though it' a case of allen keys and will take two minutes I'm absurdly proud to be doing the 'upgrade' myself.

Too bad I still find the whole tyre changing thing a mystery...

** Update: Bottle cage fiddly but easy to out on. And, being a girl for a moment, it matches my bike!

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