Monday, 27 July 2009

The perils of a single pannier

I had one of those fabulous days on Saturday.

It was sunny and Mr Weenie was working so I decided to bite the bullet and shop for a wedding outfit. I HATE clothes shopping. Although I've lost some weight I still hate buying clothes and because I've lost the weight I'm still working on finding things that suit my shape. Plus, for this wedding I'll be singing at the reception so need something I can stand up in front of many people in. Plus plus, I need something with a high back as I hate having my back out, dunno why.

So all in all it was heading for a horrible day but then, I walked into Monsoon. I know I fit into their styles and most of the formal dresses I own are from there. Not only that, but there was a massive sale on. I flipped through the racks and came across a beautiful silk number with a high back, plunge front and nice length. One was a size 16 and £28, one was a size 14 and £48. I tried both and to my delight and dismay I'm a size 14 for the first time in many years. I trooped out of the changing room and the lovely sales assistant asked if I wanted to buy either one. I explained my dilemma of sack-like and cheap or slinky and expensive and she beamed. Apparently the size 14 hadn't been labelled correctly and was also £28. I grabbed it.

I skipped out of the shop in a cloud of happiness, I'm slimmer and I found a gorgeous dress for very little cash. I was so thrilled in fact that I decided to get a new sports bra. Again, I hate bra shopping but having nearly given myself a black eye going over a pothole in my old and saggy boulder holder, it was time for change. I got a fabulous sales assistant who strapped me into a slinky black number that held me in comfortably. So inspired was I that I decided to spend the money saved on the dress on ANOTHER bra, this one to fit the new dress.

I then went for a quick latte before whizzing through M&S and getting something tasty to reward Mr Weenie for working so hard on such a nice day.

Then I prepared to head home, with a dress, two bras, dinner stuff and ONE pannier. Bollocks.

It was tight but I managed to squeeze it all in along with the stuff I always carry (puncture kit, pump and waterproof jacket). Reg then nearly fell over when loaded up. It was a precarious journey home and I took it gently, all the time leaning the opposite way to counter the weight. Oops.

Oh well, at least I'm slim!

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