Wednesday, 15 July 2009

All grown up...

Today I got a puncture in my back tire. I was far from work and my first instinct was to cry. My second was to ring Andy the superhero at work. He's a seasoned and serious cyclist and together we got the wheel off.

Luckily cycling seems to be a sport in which a lot of people will help you out so I've been helped out often in the past by the samaritan, Mr Weenie, and now Andy. A lot of what I need was to be told 'No, you're not going to break it', 'Yes push that bit forward', 'No, you're not being pathetic'.

In the end I had to use my spare inner tube as I couldn't for the life of me find the hole. I did, however, find the glass that caused it and removed it from my tire. Once I'd released Andy I kept hearing everyone's advice in my ears, 'Inflate the inner a bit so you know it's not twisted', 'When getting the tire back on your hands are the best tool you have', 'Don't panic, be methodical' and it was all good stuff.

I nearly forgot to put my back brake back together afterwards and it's still not right but that's what lunchtimes are for right?

It took ages and I struggled a lot but I feel quite pleased that it's finally happened and I coped. I've been dreading a solo puncture repair/wheel removal for ages and now I know I can do it the road's a bit less scary.

*Update: It's so easy to find a hole when you've got a sink full of water! All repaired, hurray!

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