Thursday, 9 July 2009

Fame, and the power of pink

Having originally set up this blog to combat the problem of having no Facebook at work and to keep friends and family abreast of my hugely exciting life I'm very flattered and excited that others are reading it. So hello to all of you.

Anyhoo, this morning I took the power ranger leggings out for the first time on a normal commute. Unfortunately their outing coincided with me losing my cashcard and having to go to the bank first thing. And the bank opened late. Cue me standing in a full length wet-look legs condom in black and high-vis yellow for what seemed like forever outside the bank on a busy high street. On the midnight ride I was one of many but this morning it was lonely out there.

Lycra is comfy and apart from this morning I don't mind wearing it when I'm going to work but I often yearn to look more of a lady when I'm out socially. Reg looks very racy and I love him but CC's Pashley Poppy is just so much more civilised and I believe a large part of that is its colour: Pink.

My lycra fits with my mean-looking black paint job on Reg, if he was pink maybe I'd feel better about wearing something less aggressive. I've worn a smocky top/dress with leggings to ride him around town before but it always looks like I'm borrowing my boyfriend's bike as he's just so masculine. I need Reg's speed and agility but not his manly look.

Why don't maufacturers think about this when building bikes. They always come in boring and bland colours unless they're single speeds and those just aen't practical when you do the distances I do.

Hmmmmmm, maybe instead of buying a new bike next year I could get him resprayed....... oh so tempting.

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