Thursday, 30 July 2009

What a diva

For the third time since April I think Reg has a puncture.

And again I yearn for the plodding Roger, his fuss-free approach, his accepting nature (you want to go on that bumpy towpath? Let's go!), and most of all his tyres.

Reg's road slicks may be fast but they eat glass. I picked four pieces out of his back tyre this morning as I was checking whether the pressure had gone down. I don't think they'd gone all the way through but God only knows. I'll be doing a full inspection at lunch time. I wouldn't mind if it was just that, but his shudders when we go over bumpy surfaces, his abject refusal to do anything as crude as a towpath, his grumpy slides over wet manhole covers. He's just such a diva.

Good job he's so handsome.


  1. Which tyres does Reg have and what width?

  2. They're the ones that came with the bike: Specialized All Condition Sport, 700x28C, 60TPI with Flak Jacket

  3. In the past I have found the Specialized Nimbus Armadillo to be good. That comes in a 700x28 option and has better puncture protection than Flak Jacket tyres. It grips well to the road, is quite good in wet conditions and is still narrow and slick enough to take your hybrid to decent speeds.

  4. Hmmmm, a definite consideration. I was thinking about going for something more grippy when the weather turned in the autumn but maybe I should go ahead nw if I continue to get punctures.