Thursday, 2 July 2009

A new cycle buddy and new tights

The last few days I've bumped into a fellow cyclist several times. He cycles a nice-looking Dawes (all the good old touring bikes seem to be Dawes) and he actually cycles most of my route home.

We got chatting the other day about the heat and yesterday we took turns leading all the way home. I was glad of the company when I nearly got hit by a tinted out BMW. The windows were so black you couldn't see anything and I'm fairly sure that's why he didn't see me when he turned left suddenly. He glanced off my pannier and I sped on.

I didn't actually realise how close it came until Buddy caught up with me at the next lights and asked if I was ok. Apparently it was abundantly clear that it was the BMW's fault. It was comforting as I often wonder if it was my fault when I get close to cars. I'm fairly sure it isn't the vast majority of the time, but having a witness was nice. It also helped with the last big hill. It makes me even more certain the Brighton ride will be good as I work better when I'm with other people. I think it's because I relax and get chatty so I can go for longer. Buddy even said I set a 'punishing pace'.

The bottle cage (now with a bottle) is a vast improvement. Being able to gulp water whenever I'm getting dry makes a massive difference. No headache for me last night, instead I went to see Transformers II and it was hugely exciting. More metal machinery obsession, just what I need.

Yesterday I also went shopping for cycle clothes. Having decided that most cycle clothes are hugely overpriced I hunted in a sports discount/jumble sale shop near work. And it came up trumps. A base layer for £6 and some tights marked down from £30 to £10. Both of them are good purchase but the tights are just that: tight.

They look sprayed on and the colours of high-vis yellow and black make me feel a bit like a Power Ranger. Worrying.


  1. Scary about the car, but funny about feeling like a Power Ranger. Lovely blog!

  2. Having worn them on the overnight ride I've realised all cycling tights look ridiculous but mine cross new boundaries :@)

  3. On the plus side, Power Rangers have extremely high visibility!

  4. And you can hear them coming. Hiiiiiyah!!!!!!