Thursday, 16 July 2009

Hiding new purchases

I've never been a girl to hide her new purchases. Mr Weenie and I have a similar view when it comes to clothes. When they wear out you replace them. I very rarely splurge and when I do it's generally for special occasions, not any more.

Yesterday I received an Evans Cycles voucher worth £20 so I bought myself a swanky track pump with a twin head so it fits all valves without having to mess with it, a nice clear pressure gauge and it's considered the best on the market. It's around £30 so I spent just over a tenner. My last track pump cost me about £12 and doesn't fit Reg's Presta valve properly. Plus it's a bit pants frankly.

So I managed to get the new pump home (it was sticking up out of my pannier and swinging my leg over the bike nearly ended in accidental penetration of a sexual nature) and I tucked it into the corner of the living room.

Mr Weenie returned and I told him about the pump while trying to cut off the tag. The tag that showed the price. He clocked it and was incredulous. I realised I'd been subconsciously trying to hide it from him.

Maybe I'm a normal girl after all, although I reckon the item in question is normally shoes.....

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