Monday, 13 July 2009

The bus driver from hell....

On Sunday Mr Weenie had to work so it was agreed that I would pop to the massive Tesco nearby and by two panniers worth of shopping rather than do our usual Sunday shop together. I hate having that much weight in the panniers and the road surface on the route's a bit rubbish but off I popped for the 10-minute ride to Tesco.

On my way I passed a bus. There's nothing unusual about this, one of the local routes goes past the Tesco in both directions so people who don't have bicycles or cars can do their shopping in comfort. I myself have used the route several times. It's a narrow road and there was a bit of frog-leaping between me and the bus as he was ahead, then I would be ahead as he was at a stop and then he'd be ahead etc.

He got a bit aggressive, his engine was revved but I ignored it and continued on my merry way. Then we got to the section in the photograph. As you can see it's quite narrow and I can't even squeeze through with a car safely, let alone a bus. Surely everyone can see that, surely it's obvious, surely?

Apparently not.

Said bus driver overtook me and swung in front as I reached the crossing island. I was going a good 15-20mph so he must have been going at a fair lick. I would estimate that the space between the front of the bus and the kerb was about two inches and I was halfway down the bus. If I had carried on I would have been crushed against the kerb as the back of the bus swung in and possibly dragged under the wheels. I braked. Hard.

I nearly went over the handlebars, the driver behind nearly hit me and swore at me, the bus carried on. I waited until the shaking had stopped and carried on. I caught up with Mr Bus at the aforementioned Tesco stop (hmmmm surely this proves I was going fast enough that he didn't actually need to overtake me....). As the bus was stopped I remonstrated with the driver asking in no polite terms if he was the driver who had just nearly killed me. He laughed and put two thumbs up. Obviously it was f***ing hilarious.

This morning I rang the bus company and made a full and detailed complaint, I had taken the individual bus ID number and recorded the time of the incident.

Unfortunately there are many bad bus drivers but I try and believe that, like cyclists, the evil few make the good majority look bad. He nearly killed me and laughed about it, but what made me complain was that I nearly didn't get on my bike this morning. I've never been scared enough that I've thought about not using my bike and I'll be damned if I let some idiot with a bus achieve that particular honour.

Top tips for complaining about bus drivers:
Get the bus id number if you can. It'll normally be a combination of letters and numbers and will be prominently displayed. The route number is also important.

Get a description of the driver.

Get the name of the road where the incident happened. If it's a long road look for identifying buildings etc.

Don't suffer in silence. Bus companies don't want bad drivers, they want to know if there are dangerous people in their vehicles.


  1. Sorry you had a scare. He sounds like a total a**hole. Well done for getting back on and carrying on. Nil carborundum and all that xx

  2. I shall carry on! Love to all Wakelys big and small xx

  3. Happened to me a few times. Keep reporting them, that's all you can do!

    The last one I pressed the emergency off button by the door and called the police.