Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Draw the line at lightning

As many of you will know, yesterday it tipped down with rain and thunder and lightning were the order of the day.

As I went to step out of the office building the heavens opened and I, along with two other lady cyclists watched in dismay as several metric tons of water fell from the sky. We decided to wait for a bit. One ventured out but soon dashed back in exclaiming 'I don't do lightning.'

Neither do I. Someone once argued the point that the rubber tires are ideal to protect you but I don't care. Lightning is where I draw the line.

We waited a few more minutes and the rain had almost completely stopped. It spat a bit nearer home but apart from the unattractive bikers' stripe I got because of my lack of mudguards it was fine. Rain is so not that bad.


  1. indeed, it was almost fun to cycle yesterday! as we went through peckham, we saw lots of hail had come down as well. it looked lovely with all of the mist about.

  2. Looks like we'll have another chance to try it tonight!