Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A disgusting revelation

I'm sure I'm not the only person who wears pants under lycra. Seriously, I'm not, right?

I'm no longer so sure. Apparently men just don't wear anything, I discovered this yesterday after following a thread on a cycling forum about a man's lycra malfunction. Yes, you've guessed it, his testicle made a surprise appearance at his in-laws after his shorts ripped on the way over.

This led me to ask, in all innocence, whether his pants had ripped as well only to be laughed off the forum for thinking men wore anything underneath their lycra.

But what about the hair? What about the humanity?

It meant that last night's cycle was made all the more difficult as I tried desperately not to look at any man passing me in lycra. It was a morbid curiosity akin to that of seeing a train crash, it's awful but you just can't drag your eyes away. It meant also that a lot of polite murmurs of 'Evening' were met with me looking at the floor while bright pink rather than my usual cheery return greeting. There are many distractions on the road, I can live without this one.

I, for one, will continue wearing my Bridget Jones pants thank you very much!

*Update: Apparently it's 'amateur' to be wearing pants under cycling shorts and it's against etiquette. Hmmmmm I'll let you know my decision when I've calmed down and gone slightly less pink!


  1. No don't wear pants, I'm a girl, a lot comfier! Just like underwear I wear a new pair everyday - I cannot comment if men do this though!