Monday, 20 July 2009

Further DIY and a tandem

I think I may have to change Reg's brakes. Although he's fairly new I go quite quickly on him, for quite long distances and I stop at traffic lights. All of this equals lots of braking. The question is, do I attempt to change them myself?

Following my sterling efforts to replace my rear inner tube after a nasty puncture I feel emboldened and ready to attempt a brake change. I also resent that if I take Reg to anywhere but my trusty local bike shop I'll be charged the earth for the labour (about 10 minutes). I think I'm going to do it and I shall let you know how it goes.

In other news I've found someone who owns, not one, not two but THREE tandems! I'm intrigued. CC and I quite fancy a tandem ride and I may have to ask this gentleman if I can borrow one. When I mentioned it to my dad he said it was lots of fun. Surely, I replied, you haven't had a go on one?!

It turns out that dad and his best childhood friend frequently took tandem rides through the local countryside. His friend had a cousin who was blind and they'd take it in turns to go on the tandem with him while the other person was on a regular bike. Apparently the only issue was shouting 'Stop pedalling!' when braking as otherwise he would keep going when you were trying to stop, and shouting 'Lean left!' and 'Lean right!'. What a marvellous idea for helping those with sight problems have fun on bikes. It's now a paralympic sport with the blind athlete at the front and a sighted assistant telling them direction in the back seat. Perhaps dad and his mate were ahead of their time.

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