Wednesday, 13 January 2010

SPDs, the great debate... again

I'm still undecided.

Although I feel the allure of 'proper' cycling shoes and pedals I worry about what happens in an accident. When I had my bump with a car I came off sideways and slid out from the bike so very little of the weight was on me. My legs were able to straighten even though my body had twisted round as although I have toe clips I don't have straps so my feet can just slip out of the sides.

With SPDs I'd worry I stay clipped in and my legs would end up all twisted or I'd end up with the bike landing on me in painful and unexpected places.

I'm still also leaning more towards the joy of being able to wear pretty much any shoe I want with the current set up. Yes you can get SPD pedals that are flat on one side but I like toe clips as they stop my foot sliding off the front, a problem I frequently had with Roger.

I use Reg for all sorts of excursions including social ones and I'd rather have a set up that fits that, 'proper' or not.


  1. Why don't you fit spd pedals on Reg and flat pedals with toe clips on Rog? If you buy shoes with recessed cleats then you can wear the same ones with both bikes.

  2. Ah but Roger is in storage in a garage somewhere inaccessible. Would have been a good idea though.

  3. Time to sell him and get a Brompton then!