Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Hot but no cold yet

Eugh, the sweat.

Normally my whiny sweat posts are for summer but I felt hugely gross this morning. A light base layer, jersey and jacket combo meant I was sweating like a pig this morning. Eugh. The steam actually rose out of my jacket when I unzipped it at some lights.

I strode into the Starf*cks near work for a bucket of coffee and saw colleagues shivering and bundled against the cold and I was utterly bemused. I may actually go without a jacket tonight I was so hot.

Not only that but I've escaped nearly every major cold going round this year. The few days I took the train left me sniffling and I'm sure I've stayed well mainly because I've not been crammed into a tube carriage with ill people. Someone should do a study.

I know statistically cyclists take far fewer sick days but this is ridiculous. Every year but this one I've been struck down with a massive coldy lergy and I've had a couple of near misses this year but nothing hideous.


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