Thursday, 7 January 2010

The sneezles and the wheezles

Day two on the tube. Eugh.

This year I have successfully managed to avoid most colds. I've not had one during the cold snap and it's been great. I mention it in past tense because now that I'm back among the unwashed and unhygienic masses on public transport I've already got the sniffles and the sneezles. This is all caused by the wheezles.

You know who you are you 'heroes' who battle into work with an accurate physical representation of plague. Your eyes and noses are red and streaming and you've always forgotten your tissues so spend the journey sniffing and snorting like the swine that gave you the flu.

You cough your wheezy breaths across the carriage in steamy breath so thick it looks like you've hired the germs from a Domestos ad to follow you to work.

No one likes you, go home.

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