Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Mr Suave

Mr Suave is a colleague, he NEVER reads my blog so I've had to promise to give him a mention to encourage him.

A brief description:

Mr Suave lived in Italy for a year so is stylish, in fact, worryingly so. I have a feeling he spends more time in the bathroom each morning than I do in an entire week. He's about my height (5ft 10"ish) with hair carefully constructed with what looks like old-fashioned pomade. His hair is sacred. While he tolerated a Christmas hug with a look of disdain, to mess the hair would herald instant death.

Recommend to a friend? Hmmmmmmmm no one expecting anything more than a Pret coffee the next morning and definitely not to anyone expecting a phone call.

In short, good fun to work with and, although he tries not to be, probably quite a nice person overall.

Hi Suave, oh and a big shout out to his favourite person and longest ever relationship partner A3.


  1. You are so not 5'10! I am the only mega-weenie, you are mini-weenie.

    ps - there is now no room in the office due to Mr Suave's massaged ego!

  2. I am about 5ft 10"! And I wasn't aware that thinly veiled references to his vanity would massage his ego.

    ps - the ego was so big already that for it to expand any more would cause a collapse and it would be sucked in on itself like a black hole.