Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Wet pants. Gross.

Of all the days to forget your spare pants (or panties for those in the US), today was not a good day. I ended up cycling all the way to work because the trains were so badly affected by the snow that's still falling and although I didn't find the roads any more slippery than in heavy rain, the traffic was AWFUL.

It took nearly an hour to get in, normally it takes half that but the cars were stationary and some of them were being very silly. It was bumper to bumper most of the way and tempers were frayed. Desperate attempts to turn onto the main road left quite a few people blocking lanes of traffic and the sound of horns blaring in rage echoed all around.

Many people appeared to have just got into their cars and started to drive without bothering to clear their lights or windscreens. Wipers will clear the windscreen but clear your f*cking indicators people! Nearly hit a guy turning left across me because I couldn't see him indicating. He looked angry at first but went an embarrassed pink when I pointed to his hidden lights.

I carried on passing numerous buses with snow like a thousand tiny marbles hitting my eyeballs.

All that so I could sit safe in the office with the slush of the commute soaking through my nice clean jeans from my soaking wet pants. I just hope no one thinks I've wet myself.


  1. I think commando would be a better option...

  2. I was soooooo looking forward to getting back on my road bike this morning as the ice on the roads had finally all melted away yesterday. I can't believe it's snowed again!

  3. Ah but commando means chafing! Besides, am starting to dry out a bit now....

    Poor you Andrew but does this mean the Reg is harder than your bike? I think it does.