Friday, 15 January 2010

A way to display those bunions...

So, I'm out with the fabulous T for lunch when I realise I need to go to Boots. As I'm searching the new layout for those essentials every girl need (razors, aspirin, hand cream etc) I am stopped in my tracks by a display for 'Snowflake party feet'.

For those of you not familiar with Scholl Party Feet, they are basically squidgy rubber things that cushion the ball of your foot when you're wearing high-heeled shoes. I had thought they were the kind of accessory best described as 'discreet'. Apparently not.

'Snowflake' ones boast GLITTER. Yes, you too can flaunt your bunions with pride as you twinkle your way across the dance floor. Don't wait for that possible Mr Right to discover your various physical foibles after several months of committed relationship, get them out in the open first off so you can always say 'Well you knew I had ugly feet when you met me!' when he cites it as a reason for leaving you several years into a seemingly happy marriage.

Honestly, what next?

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