Monday, 25 January 2010


I saw someone nearly get squooshed today.

I see people come fairly close regularly but this was really close. He went up the left side of huge lorry as the lights changed at a left turn. He wobbled forth and ended up inches from one of its wheels. Then, as he entered the Hammersmith one-way system he actually cut the lorry up again because he was in the wrong lane.

I was horrified. What upset me the most was that he clearly had no idea just how close he'd come to disaster, nor did he think he'd done anything wrong.

My heart was in my mouth and I wanted to call out a warning but was worried that, if I distracted him, I would make it even worse than it already was. So, instead, a strangled 'Eep!' sound was all I uttered.



  1. Hello. Found your blog via Cycle Chat website/forums. Hope you don't mind me intrude.

    Large vehicles are scary...I generally try and avoid roads with many large vehicles...

    Noticed that you ride up along the Uxbridge Road. 'Tis a horrid one to ride on. :)

  2. All comments are welcome! The Uxbridge Road is indeed rubbish but I struggle on.