Thursday, 21 January 2010

Meeting politicians is soooo tiring

For some reason I am tired all the time at the moment.

After meeting transport minister Sidiq Khan to hand over the Sustrans Motion for Women petition on Tuesday afternoon I got home and fell asleep on the sofa at 9pm. What a wimp.

He was, it has to be said, very nice and gave us some chatting time before rushing off to his next appointment. Some people I know have been dubious about the petition but the fact remains that with women making up the small minority of cyclists in many areas it makes sense to actively target their concerns to boost the number of cyclists.

It was most exciting to enter the Houses of Parliament and they obviously get quite a few cyclists as the x-ray security person not only asked if I had 'one pannier or two' to put through, but when one of them was x-rayed I was politely asked whether I was carrying cycle tools (I was) as 'they always come up looking odd on here'.

After the event I cycled along Whitehall, up to Buckingham Palace, through Hyde Park and headed home via Notting Hill. It's a nice cycle even accounting for the Shepherd's Bush roundabout and some dubious manoeuvrings by a couple of black cabs.

I got home, showered, was bought pizza by Mr Weenie and started to watch the football with him. I say started because I was gently snoring at 9pm. I curled up with my head in his lap and the spare quilt on th sofa and snoozed away.

Yesterday I was still exhausted and today I'm also knackered. All these politics, it's exhausting.

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