Monday, 18 January 2010

Clothing etiquette

Clothing takes on a whole new meaning when you cycle. Fashion goes out of the window.

This morning not only was I able to forego my jacket but I wore three-quarter length leggings. Bare leg was on show and I was of course wearing my 'seatbelt'. My Sam Browne reflective yellow belt was glowing in the misty conditions.

It was wonderful. I'd forgotten what it was like to cycle without Michelin-man-like clothing to protect me from the arctic winds of the last few weeks.

I sailed along much faster than of late, even switching the to third and final chainring. Ooooooooo

On Saturday I was in my new overshoes, courtesy of my grandad, who, now in his eighties, has decided to give up cycling. The rain was torrential but my feet stayed warm and, going to the pub and lunch with my sister, I fully appreciated the carrying of spare socks. Mmmmmm toasty.

One lady on the road this morning though seemed unable to throw the last vestige of style out of the window.

When it's damp underfoot and the road's going to coat your chainring and, therefore, feet and lower legs with crud, white knitted Ugg boots are just not a good idea love. I myself own a pair of Goldenram Uggs, bought by my fabulous sister last year, but that road crud is just never going to come out.


  1. Must be warmer down there. I was glad of my layers in the constant drizzle today!

  2. I actually had someone stop next to me at a red light and say that he envied my bravery at wearing shorter leggings. He's gone full length just in case and felt 'like a boil in the bag fish'.

  3. Must admit you must be a much warmer blooded creature than me... yesterday I had on ... 2 pairs of socks (one of which were merino), boots, bamboo base layer, trousers, waterproof trousers, and on the top - vest, bamboo base layer, long sleeved t-shirt, merino layer, merino zip layer and then my waterproof. (Oh and 2 pairs of gloves).

  4. Wow, impressively michelin-man-like. I could barely stand my jacket this morning over a thin short-sleeve jersey and merino baselayer. And I was in three-quarter length leggings. Am so hard. Grrrrrrrrrr