Monday, 22 June 2009

A new terror on London's roads

Dad's new bike has arrived. And it's very pretty.

It's a deep racing green with subtle sparkles and has been tricked out with mud guards, rack and a kick stand. Yesterday for fathers' day I popped round and we adjusted the seat, straightened the handlebars and stood around saying mmmmmm a lot.

On a more general women in sport topic what on earth is going on?

When the men's cricket team won the Ashes they got a parade and royal recognition. The women's cricket team has won the 20-20, the world cup AND the Ashes and the news was tagged on to the end of the daily bulletin. How rubbish is that?

Our women's football team does far better than the men and gets no coverage and, worse still, many of them work day jobs to pay the bills whereas the boys get paid an obscene amount.

Perhaps women athletes are just not socially acceptable. That's one explanation for the dearth of lady cyclists out there anyway.

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