Thursday, 18 June 2009

Happy to sad in four short miles

Halfway home I was in a fabulous mood, having climbed to the top of the hill in Acton broadway I looked around and realised I was one of three lady cyclists at the lights.


It deserves capitals because it never happens. Ever. I giggled, looked round and exclaimed 'Three women?!' The other two giggled as well and, when a man pulled up, one remarked 'Nothing good lasts forever' before we three pedalled off on our separate journeys home.

Although it lasted a brief couple of minutes it was so nice not to be the only girl who cycled properly. All three of us had road-worthy bikes, lights and helmets. Going up the hill we'd all stopped for red traffic lights, signalled when changing lanes and paced ourselves on the steep and winding hilly bit. I know it sounds horribly sexist but most of the men I encounter on my daily commute don't do those things. Sigh.

My mood was ruined by an idiot pedestrian a couple of miles later in Hanwell. He had his back to me, didn't look round and stepped out in front of my bike. I actually screamed because I came so close to hitting him. I turned sharply and had to put my left foot down to stop completely and avoid going right into him. Shaking with nerves I shouted after him that I'd been going 15 miles an hour and could have broken his legs. And then he did what annoyed me the most. He laughed.

If I hadn't been in a bus lane I would've been hit by a car when I swerved, as it was I came damn close to going into the traffic. I could have hit the kerb and gone over the handlebars, my bike could have been written off. And, if I'd hit him and seriously injured him I would have had to live with it. As it is I've jarred my left knee badly and it hurts a lot.

Yeah, really f***ing funny.


  1. Sorry about the stupid pedestrian. Hope your knee feels better soon xx

  2. In the immortal words of Gloria Gaynor, I will survive!