Friday, 19 June 2009

A beautiful moment

I cycled into central London for a rehearsal last night and decided to follow the little blue bicycle route signs to see if I could avoid some of the nastier traffic routes.

There was a crossing in front of me as I went through Grosvenor Square and, as there were people on it, I stopped. I then waited for all said people to step off the crossing before continuing on my merry way.

Well, Mr Blue Van Driver next to me did not like this at all. He revved menacingly at me for not moving, swore a bit and, as soon as the people had passed his van, he sped across the crossing. Importantly he did not wait until they'd left the crossing. I felt a little smug when he got flashed and pulled over by the traffic police that were sitting right in front of the crossing. I felt completely smug when I heard one say 'If a cyclist can wait, so can you... ' as I sped away. Mwahahahahahaha

The only other comedy moment of note was also courtesy of the police and came this morning. When the police came to work as part of the company bike day they handed out rape alarms to several ladies, including myself, and I have mine on my handlebars. You never know when someone might take your bike or try and rob you. I'd kind of forgotten it was there until I hit a particularly deep pothole this morning and it went off, really loudly. Oops.

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