Monday, 8 June 2009

Tube strike? What tube strike?

So, apparently there might be a tube strike this week. This piece of news had almost entirely passed me by until someone mentioned it. And I won't lie, I don't really care if they strike (well I care in terms of the many people hugely inconvenienced but in terms of the effect on me I don't).

I think the tube is over-unionised and has lost sight of the commuters who rely on the service. Tube drivers are paid incredibly well with massive benefits and perhaps this is why there is a lack of maintenance that they claim justifies their constant threatening of strike action. They are powerful because people need them to get to work. But you can beat the strike by using your bike (no rhyme intended).

I'm sure there are some valid safety concerns on the tube and these should be addressed but, frankly, Bob Crow is so universally disliked that no-one cares anymore. No-one listens to his interviews, they just assume it's about money and turn over.

It may rain in the coming days, but I will cycle in anyway because I refuse to allow the RMT to frighten me. They can shove their rubbish service. I'm better off by bike.

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