Wednesday, 17 June 2009


After this morning's cycle, I'm inspired to write an open plea to cyclists everywhere. I'm sick of having my morning's ride ruined by other cyclists. Cars are rubbish but we should at least stick together as pedallers surely.

Why whizz past five millimeters from my handlebars when there's the whole bus lane to use? Please don't glide up like silent death and nearly take me off my bike. As a cyclist I'm sure you know there are faults in the road that I may need to swerve around without warning. Perhaps a courtesy bing on your legally required bell if circumstances force you to come close? I don't want to hit you, it might damage my bike.

If you're on a rickety three-speed and wearing normal clothes, please don't get in front of lycra-clad long distance commuters at junctions and lights. If someone is wearing lycra it's normally because they're going far and fast enough to get sweaty and you being in front of them on a hill could ruin their journey. At the same time, please don't overtake me on my 24-gear road bike that I use for an average of 20 miles a day just because I'm a girl and even though you're on a rusty mountain bike that goes a maximum of 10 miles an hour.

Please don't try and harrass me into breaking the law at red lights. I don't like going through them, a lot of them are there for a reason. I don't swear at you for running them, so please don't swear at me because I don't. If you hit my back wheel because you're impatient language may be issued that causes offence or upset so please avoid at all costs.

The same with going up the inside of lorries. I try and leave enough space for you to cheat death if you wish to do so but I don't like overtaking enormous smoky lorries on the inside where they can't see me. I quite like life, please don't expect me to risk mine just because you like to be careless with yours.


Oh and this is my 50th post, how exciting!

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