Monday, 29 June 2009

Safe at last!

Swine flu Weenie is no more and to my incredible disappointment I've been declared safe to work in the office. Sigh.

I'm pleased though as it means my Friday ride to Brighton is not in jeopardy. It would have been gutting to miss it after all this planning. I'm still super excited about it all and after last week's massive mileage I'm gaining confidence that I'll be able to stay the course.

Moomin and I cycled to teaching on Saturday again. It's way fun and we always laugh at the guilty faces peering out from people carriers as we pull in. This week we went past a big group of friends so gaily binged them as we barged through. Soon dad'll be able to join us. He's been using his new bike a bit and, after three months of not being able to drive, he enjoys the experience and freedom. I've already picked out a nice pub we can cycle to when we're both free.....

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