Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Officially an athlete

I knew yesterday was a bit weird. Having set off from home at 8am on the dot I walked through my office doors at 8.50am. Then, when I cycled home I left at 5.20pm and arrived home just after 6pm.

Now I often tell people it's around 45mins on my bike to get to work and it normally is: 45 minutes of actual cycling and at least 10-15mins sitting at traffic lights. So if I got home in exactly 45mins it means I actually did around 10 miles in half an hour. I feel sooooooooo smug.

This morning I was a bit slower at 50mins but it's still hugely encouraging. When I started to come all the way it took me over an hour once I was actually on my bike. I'm not ashamed to say that when I realised how quick I was last night I actually hissed 'Yes!' as I swung into the drive.

It's also encouraged me hugely with regards to the Brighton ride next week. I'm still a bit nervous but I think I'll be ok. Talking to my sister about it I had an epiphany. I've never succeeded at anything using my legs.... ever. My hip meant I wasn't allowed to run long distances and I never tried anything that involved foot and leg co-ordination as it was a hiding to nothing. Having spent a big chunk of my life in hospitals, being tested, having physio, changing painkillers and being X-rayed I can't believe I've actually discovered a sport I can actually do well.

If I get all the way to Brighton I'm actually a bit worried I'll actually cry.

Gosh, it's almost Oscar-worthy in it's sob-storyness isn't it!

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