Thursday, 4 June 2009

Back from Rrrrrrrrrroma!

I was in Rome for the weekend and it was lurvely, but I'm ashamed to say I quite missed my bikes. I've not taken public transport for more than one tiny journey every so often in some time and it was really weird.

I spent ages waiting for buses and barging past people on the metro. I had no idea how the traffic would affect my travelling times and there was no opportunity to change route if things got sticky. Quite frankly it was pants.

Ironically the Giro d'Italia (a massive road bike race) was going on in town while I was there but, unfortunately, Roger and Reg have no travel cases.

I decided to go with the flow and just chilled out. Good job too as when I met an old friend for dinner she took me to the best pizza place in Rome, a place reknowned for the 'authentic Italian experience'...... This means that the waiters may take your order at some point and may then, at some point, bring you some food. But, don't bother them with timings, they're very busy. They have stuff to do.

I can think of many people who should never go to a place like that as it would stress them out but I loved it. The pizza was spectacularly delicious and has ruined me for all other pizza, we drank wine, but not too much, caught up on five years of gossip and spent much of the time giggling. Bliss.

But, much as I loved it all, I jumped at the opportunity to take Reg to Bond Street yesterday and sailed through the streets serenely. Gosh I missed that boy.

And Mr Weenie obviously.....

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