Thursday, 25 June 2009

Celebrity spotting on two wheels

On Tuesday it was Princess Anne and a prince, last night it was David Cameron (on a bike in his helmet going through Hyde Park), then the Prime Minister Gordon Brown (in a jag with four police outriders and bodyguards in a Range Rover behind). It was all very exciting, but made me wonder.....

It seems likely that David Cameron will probably be the next person in the top job and as I headed to the Victoria Embankment I wondered how fat he'd get and how quickly once he was forced to sit in a chauffeur-driven car to get everywhere. He looked quite trim on his bike, not for long...

Today has been less glamorous. Thanks to a rehearsal in Barbican and coming back to work, then the concert in the evening it's 2.53pm, I've already cycled 20 miles and I'll be cycling another 20 before the day is out. I'm already knackered and, thanks to the unusually summery weather, really sweaty. Eugh.

Thank God there are showers at work.

**Update: Oh God I love the showers, thank you for the showers, the wonderful refreshing and cleansing showers.

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