Tuesday, 9 June 2009

If you give free maintenance, they will come........

So the company has held two bike days for the different sites after the cycle network (I'm an admin) lobbied for them and I nagged all and sundry to attend.

Thankfully both days went well (even with today's rubbish weather) and Reg was one of many bikes that got their brakes tweaked, tires pumped and chains oiled. Thank God people actually attended, thank the Lord above in heaven as I was truly panicky about it all! Why does no one ever email you back or post saying they'll attend?????

And it turns out people actually read my weird cycle newsletter emails, who'd 'a thunk it? Loads of people came up and were like 'Are you Rachael? Oh my God thanks so much for setting it all up'. I felt a bit like a movie star, a bit of a twee one in my high-vis yellow and one with big Chris Hoy thighs, but a star nonetheless.

It also turns out that people have been checking out my posters and stuff as at least one colleague is planning to take the London Cycling Campaign 'Bike Tube' into central London for a conference o Thursday. It's beautifully simple, supervised mass rides into London, picking people up at set points along the way.

I know it shouldn't be but the strike is an important cycling event, how bizarre!

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