Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The tandem: Pictures

At the top of Ditchling it was beautiful. Well worth the climb (almost)

Those of us who were already at the top took a well-earned rest waiting for the other riders.

The pink avengers on the sea front, proof that CC is always photogenic as no one should look that good after a ride of that magnitude.


  1. ooh nice scenery. Also love that the two of you were in pink compared to every one else in bog standard high viz yellow.

    I'm assuming you didn't have to ride back to London though.


  2. What ride was this...didn't see it advertised anywhere...itching to ride to Brighton again.... did the weather hold off for you?

  3. The ride was the Friday Night Ride to the Coast (I've out their blog in the ones I like), it goes around once a month and we start at Hyde Park Corner at midnight before riding through the night to a coastal location.

    Some nutters ride back but I'm not that committed quite yet.

  4. Some 'nutters' ride back, some nutters ride home, some nutters ride tandems!