Thursday, 25 March 2010

Smiling happy people

The last two days have seen a definite increase in smile occurrence. I even got a little wave yesterday, marvellous!

Everyone from van drivers to pedestrians seems willing to give me a grin as I whoosh past. I often smile at drivers and pedestrians in order to say thank you or, on occasion, to reinforce my moral superiority if they've acted nob-like. In the past though, I have rarely got a smile back.

Perhaps it's the fact that spring is at last looking sprung and the flowers are out or perhaps it's just that all the miserable people have sought help... and Prozac. Whatever it is, it makes a nice change from the usual grumpy faces I see every day.

My current theory is that my vibrant pink tops are finally out after a winter shrouded in a yellow jacket. The weenie butterfly is emerging from her winter cocoon. Yes, the improved mood is definitely all down to me. Weenie's plan for world peace, one postcode at a time.


  1. Yup...have noticed the happy people too...though I personally find it difficult to smile. I'm a naturally frowning face!

    Though not greatly practical for cycling, I find wearing dresses/skirts with colourful tights really helps in vans are so much more inclined to give way.

    By the way, liking your little vote thing going on.
    The top three car types are usually populated by mothers on the school run I find.

  2. So true, skirts definitely equal more considerate drivers.