Friday, 5 March 2010

A good mood despite the odds

If you'd asked me last night what I would blog about today I would have said that life is rubbish and I would blog about the a*sehole cyclists who continually cut me up on the way to work, swerve in front of me and then get smug about pulling ahead when the only way they've done so is to skip a red light.

Yes, I had a bad day yesterday and was full of the rage.

But that's all changed this morning.

Last night I burned off the rage by cycling hard all the way home. I whizzed through the streets and made fabulous time. Adding to my joy I shared part of my journey with a rather nice young man on a swanky drop-bar bike. He was behind me for part of the journey and overtook at some traffic lights where I was unwilling to filter because of my panniers (they're just too wide).

I was then behind him for a short span and we crept up to a red light together. And he really crept. I sat behind but he saw and pushed himself forward. It was only when we were side by side in the advance bike box that I realised his reluctance to completely stop. He was single speed(they're harder to get going).

I apologised saying if I'd realised I'd have hung back farther. He laughed and said I was welcome to overtake as he'd been trying to keep up with me for ages because I was going so fast.

That combined with the beautiful sunshine today have combined to make me a much happier weenie. Marvellous.

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