Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Divine retribution and why spring sucks

Ha! After laughing at my lack of memory skills yesterday, my younger sister left her trousers at home when she went riding before work! Mwahahahahhahahahaha.

Anyhoo, everyone at work is loving the sunshine. 'Isn't it pretty', 'The sky is sooooo blue', 'Gosh, it's almost summery', blah blah blah.

Yes it's less rainy, but right now the sun is eye level on both legs of my commute and I arrive sweaty and unkempt while those on the tube aren't yet hot enough to get gross. Roll on the dry heat of summer, where, although I'll arrive sweaty, I'll get to my desk fresh and alert post-shower, surrounded by hot and grumpy colleagues who have been crammed into sardine cans on rails.

Come on sun, get going!


  1. You could always leave a little earlier and have a slower, more leisurely cycle to work...or is that not an option?

  2. I love that your happiness is basically dependent on your co-workers misery!

  3. Only their misery in comparison to my happiness....

    I could leave earlier but I'm hideously disorganised and often have to wash-up, do a load of laundry, feed the cats while saving the world before leaving for work.

    Plus I sweat like a ho whether I go fast or slow. Attractive.