Monday, 1 March 2010

A polite 'excuse me' would not have gone amiss


This morning I was sailing in having finally recovered from whatever hideous bug I managed to catch last week. I heard the unmistakable sound of sirens at high speed somewhere behind me.

I was near a junction but stationary cars were quite close in on the cycle lane leading to the advance stop line and I decided to quickly stop and check the emergency vehicle wasn't in my lane. If so I reckoned the cars ahead would want to pull into the cycle lane to get out of the way. I stopped and looked.

It was a police car at high speed but wasn't in my lane. There were a couple of cyclists behind me and, as I resaddled to pull away one of them pushed past me. The car next to us was on the line demarcating the cycle lane and I have panniers so had to lean really far over. I was so shocked by his rudeness that I just gaped in horror.

He pulled into a side road about 100 yards later so I didn't have time to vocalise my anger. As it was all I would have done is point out that a polite 'excuse me' was all that was required.

I was about to move off anyway but would have let him through.

I know it sounds ridiculous but I'm still angry now. The lack of common courtesy on the road really gets my goat. I mean really. Harumph!

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  1. I know how you feel there. I end up feeling so angry and frustrated for a long time after people are rude or just plain obscene!

    I had a large skip lorry overtake me badly on a tight road...and just as we were coming up to the small roundabout/junction thing.
    It's not like he got that I really cannot see what he had to lose if he'd gone slow behind me for another 300 to 400m!

    Unfortunately idiots rule the they other idiot cyclists or motorists.

    But I also had a kind person stop and give me way at a junction...which was that balanced out the horrid and made me smile.
    Would be nice if everyone was thoughtful all the time. :)

    There does seem to be a bug thing going around...I just hope I don't catch it...*shudder*...I'm like a man when I get ill...hah.