Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Hurrah, it's finally here!

Last night I set off in what looked almost like daylight and arrived home in a balmy dusk. Glorious.

I have to admit that with the continual rain of recent weeks and not being well last week I was starting to worry that the bloom was off the rose and I was losing the love. It's not the case though and lastnight reawakened my passion. This was especially important given that I had the headwind from hell this morning so needed the rosy glow of last night to keep me going.

The bike racks at work are steadily filling and, this afternoon, I have to man the Ride to Work stall at Employee Wellbeing Day to recruit more people to the cause.

Colleagues are starting to give me envious looks as I head off into the evening breeze and I have a feeling the sudden arrival of spring will have a beneficial effect on getting people involved in cycling.


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