Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Mr Mercedes

Hello Mr Mercedes,

I do hope you're having a lovely morning. No doubt you've forgotten all about our near collision yesterday. I really do think you were in the wrong.

See my fabulous illustration (I am, of course, the pink blob):This is the junction where it happened. I had plenty of time to cross car one as it turned left, get behind car two after it had turned and be well out of your way. The car behind me (the blue box) was certainly in agreement as he was following me across when you made your move.

Your decision to change lanes without indicating, nearly hit car two when squeezing past it and then roaring across was not a good one.

If I hadn't squealed and you hadn't stopped you would have hit me side-on straight into the path of the big van.

Thank goodness you have big expensive brakes on your big expensive car. You should be ashamed of yourself you horrible person.


  1. :( Glad you're ok. Some people (a lot actually) are just pure morons behind the wheel.

  2. But surely he paid for the upgrades to the "massive sense of entitlement" and "callous disregard for the welfare of other road users" options when he bought the car? No? Silly me, of course these now come as standard on certain German marques these days.