Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Stop throwing children at me

This morning I had three close encounters of the baby/toddler kind. All took place at crossing where I had a clear green light and they had a red man. All of them involved adults pushing prams into my path or looking on and encouraging as small children stepped out in front of me or, in one case, scooted across.

None of these were zebra crossings. When a pedestrian puts their foot on one of those babies, you stop and let them across. Fairy Nuff.

These were all on crossings at junctions or those regulated by traffic lights. TRAFFIC LIGHTS.

You know, those things that tell people when the cars are coming.

All of those children were with seemingly 'sensible' adults, 'responsible' ones who care for them. How long would it take to teach them how to cross the road? Think about it.


  1. Hah. I have the great misfortune to work with 2-5 year olds and their parents.
    Lately, they have been really getting on my nerves...especially with the bloody prams...I hate the damn things and vow never to use one when I have a child...at least only on very rare occasions.

    The parents always seem to have their heads in the clouds...chatting away...gossiping, whilst the kids run awol.

    I won't even get into the ones with kids in the backs of their stupidly large SUV's which they use for the short school run!

    Have a good day. :)

  2. I actually hit a pushchair once while riding along a normally fast moving dual carridgeway with traffic at a standstill as the road approached a round about. I was going up the left hand side of the left lane, where there was ample space for a single line of cyclists, and some clown had decided to cross from the other side of the road just where ever rather than walk a short distance to a zebra crossing. I was just getting to the front of a large van when this guy wheeled the pushchair in front of me without checking the way was clear. I couldn't see him coming as there was no visibility around the van on my right. I threw my brakes on, but still hit the pushchair. Fortunately no body was hurt (and the bike was ok), but had I been a scooter or a motorbike (or if I hadn't been limiting my speed) then it might not have been such a good outcome. I really don't understand why this guy didn't use the zebra crossing which was so close by, especially since it's such a busy road. But then sticking the puchchair out in front of me without checking the way was clear is sheer idiocy.

    As a parent I always ensure that I follow all of the safety rules when crossing roads, to educate my daughter and get her into good habits as much as anything. It really does infuriate me when I see other parents putting their children's safety at risk. Not only is it foolish but it contributes to another generation of ignorance.

  3. I fear the day I hit one. I do my best but I really worry about someone just blindly pushing their buggy into the road when I'm unable to stop. Scary stuff!