Monday, 22 March 2010

Froggies everywhere!

I live practically in a park. It's lovely in many ways. Foxes sometimes run alongside my bike when it's dark, I often hear owls and woodpeckers as I cycle home and now that the daffodils are finally starting to come out it's obscenely pretty.


Occasionally nature collides with man. There are a lot of froggies in the road. Flat froggies. I've already run over two of them and been SERIOUSLY grossed out. They were flat before I hit them but eugh. Not nice.

It was nice, therefore, to find one hopping around in the rain on Friday night. He was at the end of the path to my front door and as he was relatively far from the road and obviously enjoying the rain I took a photo and left him to it.

I do like froggies.


  1. Although I've not yet seen any myself, I noticed this morning a large hand-written sign on a tree at the end of my street saying, "Toads crossing, please drive carefully!"