Monday, 15 March 2010


It's a beautiful day, what could ruin it.

Perhaps having to sit in the office in a retina-searingly pink jersey because you've forgotten your t-shirt. Hmmmmmmm

I was starting to feel really silly when S hurried over. 'I've forgotten my trousers!' she exclaimed. 'I'm off to M&S, oh, why are you wearing your jersey?'

I replied, it's the weather for it. Here's a tenner, size 14 t-shirt please. Oops.

**Update: Am now in a pastel blue cotton t-shirt. Bliss.


  1. Hah...
    May be wise to keep a spare set of clothes at work in your desk drawer...

    Learnt this the hard way...when I was back in the labs and got a couple of acid/chemical splashes and spills that worked their way through my garments and onto the skin!

    But equally applicable to cycling me thinks.


  2. I like pink, sounds ideal for work ;-)