Thursday, 11 March 2010

Ride theme tunes

I have a weird memory for music.

I sing and teach music to small children and I can generally recall a song if I hear a few bars. Once it's in there I can't get it out and cars with loud music are the worst for planting 'ear worms'. Lately it's meant that I've had an eclectic mix of tunes in my head on rides home:
  • P.I.M.P, Fifty Cent
  • Dog Days Are Over, Florence and the Machine
  • The Candyman Can, Dunno which version
  • Spiralling, Keane
  • Just a Ride, Jem
  • You Got the Love, Candistation
  • Candy, Paulo Nutini
  • Requiem, Verdi
It doesn't seem to affect my cycling style, but singing 'I'm a motherf***ing P.I.M.P.' in a posh accent under your breath as you pass stationary traffic does get you some choice looks.

In other news:
To the guy who nearly hit me as I crossed a junction because he ran a red light, I stand by my words last night, you're a t**t.

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