Friday, 26 February 2010

Off sick and helping the police with their enquiries

I've been off sick for two days and, this morning, only cycled as far as the station.

I feel utterly pathetic. I was mildy perked up however by a happy coincidence this morning. As I parked up I was asked, very politely, whether I would take part in a cycling survey by two PCSOs.

As I hadn't yet got my locks out I agreed and answered their questions while locking Reg up. It was standard stuff: how safe do you feel the roads are, how do you rate cycling facilities, are you aware it's illegal to cycle on the pavements? (To which I answered a firm yes and said more should be done to get the message out there and clamp down on it,)

I answered the questions and chatted about the rubbishness of cycle lanes on the Uxbridge Road. As I was chatting to them I heard a call 'Weenie? Are you ok?' from across the road. My younger sister was stepping out of dad's van as he'd given her a lift and they both looked horrified. 'Are you being arrested?!' came the next question.

The PCSOs had the good grace to giggle when I pointed out that this was why they'd had bad luck in getting participants. Despite the stain on my character it was good to see the police doing something nice for cyclists, now all they need to do is have a quiet word with the motorists giving me a hard time every day.


  1. Hi, I really enjoy your blog and it has encouraged me to get my bike out tomorrow, weather permitting. Can you suggest a decent coffee/stop place in or around Richmond.... blimey, can't wait to get out there.

  2. Hmmmmm, can't think of any coffee shops as I generally just hang out in the riverside pubs! But if your bikes got thickish tyres (ie not a road bike I thoroughly recommend the Thames path. It's gorgeous when the weather's good.

    And, of course there's Richmond Park. The road round the outside does tend to get full of lycra-clad racers though. Doesn't bother me but they do go very fast and can be a bit intimidating.

  3. So, stop at Evans and stock up on Lycra, down a few pints of Wife Beater then off to Richmond Park to keep the Silent Death honest huh?