Tuesday, 13 April 2010

While you're waiting....

Am working on a post but this morning's accident on the A40 and the subsequent diversion of many drivers to my main commuting route meant I was late.

Here's a moral tale of why cycling on the pavement with no lights, going through a red light and then attempting to cycle away from the police could cost you nearly a grand.....

Telegraph reports on nob-head cyclist


  1. I saw a cyclist get pulled over today at lunch time for running a red light right in front of a police officer. Then ended up getting in a debate with one of my colleagues who thinks that cyclist shouldn't have to obey the traffic rules so long as they use common sense. Of course, if everybody had common sense then we might not need traffic rules at all. But that's not the reality, so all road users, cyclists or motorists, should show mutual respect by following the road code.

  2. Couldn't have put it better myself. If we could rely on everybody to have common sense and decency we wouldn't need laws full stop, but it just isn't the case sadly.