Monday, 12 April 2010

In other news....

A round-up of other exciting things while I was off:
  • I went on a canal towpath for the first time since my fall last year. It was a stretch between Greenford and Alperton. I was seriously crapping myself but was determined to do it and survived. Beautiful herons and sunshine went unnoticed in my terrified state.
  • I managed to half-swallow then cough up an enormous fly and it survived! A black cabbie behind me when I started to cough and splutter pulled over to check I was ok as I came to an abrupt halt and was hugely amused when I managed to say 'The little b*stard's still alive!' before pedalling off.
  • Mr Weenie is considering cycling a bit locally and has asked to use Roger. Hurrah!
  • My cycle map of France arrived so I can start planning my holiday, which will involve taking bikes on a ferry and cycling in Normandy.
  • I had a marvellous jazz session with the boys for this Saturday's gig and spent a blissful two hours singing mostly about how rubbish men are.

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