Thursday, 22 April 2010

Eugh what a beautiful morning....

Those following Twitter will know it's been a rough couple of days. Having caught the hideous stomach bug going round, I'm feeling less than chipper.

It's especially annoying since S and I have managed two spectacular triumphs this week.

On Monday, following our morning adventure, we took the long route home as well, leading to a grand total of around 15 miles for the day for her and around 20 for me. That's around double S's usual commute and was worthy of praise.

While I was off she took a well-earned rest and this morning we took to the road again. We did the usual short route but she conquered the Chiswick roundabout for the first time and we got to work in 25 minutes. Our first ever trip using that route took nearly 50 minutes so we've practically halved the time and have bested public transport.

I just wish I felt well enough to celebrate.....

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