Monday, 19 April 2010

Distract your bottom with nice scenery

As it was such a beautiful day, I decided to take S on a route via the river this morning.

We bobbed down to Kew Bridge, crossed over and I was planning to use the Thames path. But it was closed! Grrrrrrrr. Adding 10 minutes to our journey we carried on regardless and went on a more inland route through Barnes. It was beautiful.

What I didn't mention to S is that the route I had chosen is around 3-4 miles longer than our usual route in. Relying on the charm of the river and less traffic, I was confident her muscles wouldn't notice until it was too late! Although some of the roads were narrower the route we went on is a favourite with cyclists and the attitude of drivers (particularly those piloting buses) has been effected. Lots of room was given by most and not a nasty word was shouted.

Sure enough we got to work slightly later than planned because of the path closure. S was hopeful we'd gone further than usual, but not convinced. When I sent her the Gmap pedometer showing nearly eight miles from her house to the office she was thrilled.

I've always thought a beautiful route can make an amazing difference to how your legs, and indeed bottom, are feeling and this morning was the proof. Long may the sunshine continue!


  1. And yet, I'm very very glad I'm not cycling today.


  2. Ah, but enjoy the smugness!