Thursday, 29 April 2010

(Not a) faulty light and practical romance

I bought a new front light and it aint working! Am so cross.
**Edit. Looked up reviews of light which suggested shaking it, it worked and it's now working!**

On the plus side, two of Mr Weenie's anniversary pressies have arrived. On 5 May it'll be an obscenely long time since we snogged in my parents' porch and became 'a couple'.

We don't generally do huge presents etc but the other day he came home with a bedside table for me. He'd painted it himself in a shade of green I like and wanted to give it to me because I always have loads of books piled higgledy piggledy by the bed. Now they have somewhere to go.

We're into practical presents, one Valentine's Day I got a cat litter tray, it was, sadly, just what I wanted.

Oh the romance....

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  1. Nothing wrong with practicality...much better than getting something totally useless... :)